Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981): A Visual Guide

Where the first movies logo merely smashed through a pane of glass, this follows the everything needs to be bigger in sequels rule, by blowing the whole fucking thing up. Eat that bitches.

The Kills:
Body Count - 10
Best Kills:
Nobody is safe in a 'Friday' movie, after disposing lone survivor 'Alice' with an icepick in the temple, Jason next takes out Crazy Ralph the last the of 'Friday 1' cast.
The noisy hard-ass sheriff gets a claw hammer in the head, love that reaction shot, gives you a real sense of being hammered to death by a mute mongoloid.
How sick is this, the kindly cripple gets the worse death in the movie, as if getting a machete in the face wasn't bad enough, he also crashes down a long flight of steps, in the first of two direct 'Bay of Blood' homages (rip-offs).
Jason takes out two teens in one go, in his second homage to Bay of Blood, hes obviously a big fan. But the MPAA obviously wasn't, as this scene is cut to nothing more than the shot we see above, damn them all to hell.

Weapons used: Knife,machete, spear, claw hammer, barbed wire. ice pick, pick axe, pitchfork and Jason's bare hands.

 I'm gonna give it to you straight about Jason:
Jason is this time played by two actors, stuntman Steve dash, who plays Jason when he's wearing the hood. Warrington Gillette, who originally auditioned for the role of Paul, plays the character in the final scenes, where Jason comes through the window.

Best Friday moments:
Here's the lovely 'Alice', chillin' in this delightful combination of oversized dungarees and green jumper, a bold fashion statement but I think she pulls it off.
Lets see milk; orange juice; severed head...hey wait a minute, I don't remember buying that. 'Mrs Voorhees' makes an appearance next to some milk and buns - later homaged by Eli Roth in 'Hostel 2'.
An ass so hot it takes up 12 seconds of screen time, yes I counted; wanna fight about it.
Steve's chilling account of the 'Jason' legend, so good they brought it back for part 4.
The first full nude scene in a 'Friday' movie
Love this close up of 'Jason's' hand, check out the black fingernail nice touch.
Peeing, while playing hide and go seek with 'Jason' is a dead giveaway, as final girl 'Ginny' is about to find out.
'Jason' shows off his artistic side, with a lovely mural of bodies, with his moms decapitated head as the center piece.
'Ginny' does her best 'Mrs Voorhees', you should see her Christoper Walken.
Did she just machete 'Jason' in the neck? What an absolute badass.
What a night, all their friends have been brutally murdered, they've just battled a crazed killer, yet 'Paul' somehow still manages to have some cuddle time with 'Terry's' dog, check out that shit-eatin' grin

Does someone crash through a window?
It's 'Jason's' turn this time, continuing the tradition of ending a 'Friday' movie with a surprise jump, he crashes through the window, to give 'Ginny' the fright of her life. This is also the first time we get a look at his 'Only a mother could love him' face.

Just Like the first film, 'Friday the 13th Part 2'  had great box office success, but was just as widely panned by critics, if not more so than the original. The main detractor Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times, a popular critic at the time, totally destroyed the movie in his review, awarding it half of one star out of 4, stating: "This movie is a cross between the Mad Slasher and Dead teenager genres; about two dozen movies a year feature a mad killer going berserk, and they're all about as bad as this one."

Money Matters:

This film has one of the longest pre-credit sequences in cinematic history, nearly 15 minutes in some versions.

'Eviloution' of Jason
Stage 2: 'Sackhead' Jason